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The most valuable investment and experience available.

Duration: Monday to Saturday (Please note minimum age requirement is 8 years old)

This positive, creative program is designed for the learning style of the visual-thinker using the natural strengths and talents of the client's personal learning style.

This individualized program is provided on a one-on-one basis.
The week long, program runs from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:30pm, working one on one with the client, and an additional day
(Saturday) to train a support person. The following is included:


A consultation is the first requirement offered to clients prior to being accepted into the program. This consultation determines the suitability and motivation of the client.

During the consultation we undertake a preliminary review of the client’s desires and goals for undertaking the program. This assessment takes 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete.  Fees apply.

6 Day Program (Consecutive Days)  Key Points include:


At the start of the program clients will begin to learn to focus and maintain attention. This technique is effective and empowering to clients of all ages.
During the week the client will recognise distractions and confusions then use this focusing technique to address and eliminate confusion.


Balancing exercises are put in place to open and strengthen neural pathways. These are essential exercises for those that show signs of Dyspraxia (clumsy, poor motor skills).


For a dyslexic, all learning is mastered through an experiential or creative process. Using Clay we provide the client with these essential learning tools.
First, the client creates, in clay, the alphabet and punctuation marks in order to address confusions and misunderstandings. This empowers the clients to master these symbols and move to the next level.


The client is given conscious control of where their energy level is and how to use it in social or learning situations. In other words, to adjust their energy to an appropriate level.


Dictionaries are the most misunderstood learning tool in schools. We re-introduce the dictionary and allow the client to discover that a dictionary is a useful tool that can eliminate the guess work in decoding words for their sound and meaning.


New effective reading strategies, visual coding skills, are introduced and reinforced during the week. These strategies allow the client to control their focus, recognise and self correct mistakes, re-training their eyes to gather information from left to right, auditory encoding and engage the comprehension component of reading.


The client learns how to use their creative energies to create pictures for non-picture words. This is the part that all dyslexics love. The client discovers the fun part of learning. The foundation is set for the client to create their own clay pictures for all those non-picture words - click here to view sight words. This process must be continued post program.


Gentle guidance to encourage positive attitudes to learning and life situations.


A committed family member or tutor will be taught the basic strategies and symbol mastery techniques (fun with clay) to continue with the client after the program.  We ask the parent or adult helper to sign an agreement to continue the required support on a consistent and regular basis.  


We provide phone/e-mail support and encourage the client/parent to contact us for additional support or questions that may arise post program. The client is also encouraged to return for review sessions, at no additional charge, as stated in their contract.


All necessary material will be included in the cost of the program.
Contact: Brenda on (07)3387-0130  to book an in office consultation.

Services provided in QLD and NSW.  At the clients request, consideration can be given to service other areas.

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